Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making mom a scrapbook

I am in the process of making my mom a scrapbook. She and my dad divorced a few years ago. She chose to leave the pictures with my dad. So, I have copied many of them and am making her a scrapbook so that she can enjoy the pictures again.

Last night it was storming and since I couldn't work on the computer I decided to work on her scrapbook. It has been a long time in coming because I have to work on it in my spare time, which only happens about 3 hours every month or so.

A few months ago she had given me what she said was her favorite picture so that I could put it in her scrapbook. I scanned it and had a 5X7 made of it. The page turned out very nice. I'm very proud of it. She'll be happy to get that picture in the layout that I've set up for it.

Then I went on to put school pictures in the scrapbook. You don't realize how aweful those pictures are until you look at them years down the road!! They're aweful to me but they're worth gold to my mom.

I have switched computers and have not gotten my scanner hooked up yet. Hopefully I can get that done in a few days and send you a copy of the 5x7 I put together for her.

If you're stopping by, drop us a story of your scrapping.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Remodeling Scrapbook

When we moved into our house our kids were small and so was our house. We had two bedrooms and two kids and not enough room.
We added a 12x24 addition onto the back of our house. We took pictures of the entire process. Now, we're working on putting the pages into a scrapbook. This makes a wonderful memory of the cramped past and the wonderful here and now.
Scrapbook pages can be about anything. If you have any ideas of tips please drop us a comment.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What you're cutting out of your scrapbook

I was searching the Internet yesterday and found a page where this person was talking about how they hated scrapbooking. At first I didn't understand. How could someone hate scrapbooking, I wondered.

As I read what they had to say I soon realized the point they were making was 100% correct. When you cut the pictures to put in your scrapbook you're cutting out bits of history. The things in the background of a picture bring back as many if not more memories as the person or people in the picture.

Looking through pictures of when I was small I realized that there are many things in those pictures that do bring back wonderful memories. That old rickety swingset that you're cutting out of those pictures will bring back memories of an easier time. A time when playing and napping and eating your peas were the only things you had to worry about.

In a picture of my grandma there is an old garage. We lived in the country and we had an outhouse until I was about 7. No, we didn't live in the backwoods!! We were not rich and we simply had to wait until we had that money to put plumbing in. That outhouse and that garage bring back wonderful memories. The garage, we used to climb on top of and get in such trouble. The garage was falling in and we knew it but we didn't believe them when they said it would fall in.

There is a picture of my mother and us kids riding bikes down the dirt road. In the background there is a barn, a machine shed and a house. We used to play in the soybeans and the lofts in that barn and we used to sneak into that house and play. The road is now paved, the barn and machine shed have now been torn down. And where that majestic old two story brick house used to sit is a new fancy house.

All of these memories will be cut away if I cut them out of the pictures.

It does take up a lot more room to use the entire picture. BUT... the memories will be much more if you leave the entire picture there.

Happy Scrapping. Leave us any suggestions or ideas you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Peaceful Life

Saturday the 2nd would have been my Great Grandpa Rossy's Birthday. I was 7 when he went to be with the Lord. Happy Birthday Rossy!

When I was a little girl Ross used to bring us bananas every time he would go to town. Once in a while he would bring candy but mostly bananas.

My dad still lives on part of the farm that my Great Grandpa Ross and my Grandpa Gerald farmed. We take our 3 kids and nieces and nephews to that farm to camp and have wiener roasts and just enjoy the beauty and peace of the country.

We enjoy each other and no computer and no phones, except the cell phone for emergencies. We like no street lights and no cars driving by. We enjoy to hear the animals at night. If you live in town or in the city you should take a drive, at least once in your life, far out into the country to just get out and enjoy the stars. It's like the most peaceful sight. Life is so quiet, not rushed, no stress and you feel so close to God out there.

When we go camping in the summer we take lots of pictures. There is a huge maple tree out where we go camping. My husband held my little boy up and he hung his arms over a huge limb and we took a picture of it. This tree has been there since I was a little girl.

The tree and my little boy became a scrapbook page. The simplest of things can become a spectacular memory in a scrapbook page.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for scrapbooking or any stories for a scrapbooker please leave us a post.

Until Next time,
God Bless

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

100 Things I Think About Scrapbook Pages

When I did my brothers scrapbook of his baby pictures for Christmas I made one page with nothing but words and things that reminded me of him.

There was everything from nicknames to special memories as a child to things that remind me of him on that scrapbook page.

I put it in the beginning of the scrapbook so that it was the first page that you see when you open the book. I wrote in the middle, What I think about when I think of Larry.

You can use different lettering/writing styles to make it more special and look more 'professional.'

You can use words like love and friend and brother and things like that. But another thing I did was when my first daughter was born my brother was still in high school. He had never seen a newborn baby. He came to see her and he said, "Tammy, she's so ugly. What's wrong with her?"

Well there was nothing wrong with her. He just had not seen a baby right after it was born!! So, I put that in there. Fun memories like that can make your book extra special.

Happy Scrapping

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Grandma's Recipe Box

My Grandmother passed away on January 4th. I don't know if people all over do a picture board or not but in this area we do. The day she passed away the family was digging through all the pictures for pictures of her and of her kids and of everything she had done or been through.

The pictures are used to put on a posterboard size 'magnet' with frames and placed on a tripod for the folks that c0me to the visitation. Then there was also the DVD. My aunts and uncles picked out songs to go along with these pictures and they were placed on a DVD of all the pictures. This is a really nice way to remember all the things a loved one has done in their life.

After the funeral and everything had passed I was sitting here thinking about my grandmother. She was a GREAT cook. I can remember calling her for this recipe or that one. Then I remember calling and asking why my taffy tan fudge didn't set up but hers always did!!

I told my dad that I wanted to get Grandma's recipe box and copy all the recipes and put them on a CD for everyone in the family that wanted one. We may never use these recipes but it's something that belonged to grandma and I think a lot of the kids and grandkids and great grandkids would like to have it.

This morning I got to thinking about this CD. You could make it even more special and make it into a scrapbook with her pictures or pictures of the dishes or special memories of when grandma would make the dishes.

What a neat idea, make a scrapbook of your grandma's recipe book and pictures or memories to go along with it. This would also be an awesome thing to do while grandma is still here. This way she can see what her cooking means to you!!

We welcome your scrapbooking ideas.
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